Congratulations to the Phoenix Judo winners in the 2015 Bay State Summer Games from 
 July 12! 
 More info. about the tournament can be found
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All of our players have won in their divisions, what a accomplishment! Many of our young players fought with players that are 2-3 years older and heavier than they are!.
1st place: 
Andy C. 
Peter C.

2nd Place:
Desiree F.
Markus C.

3rd Place:
Alex K. 
Dan K. 
Travis C. 
Connor C. 
Karson C.

On Saturday March 21, our 4 judo players celebrated their winnings in 2015 OCEAN STATE INTERNATIONAL Judo Tournament in RI. 

Nicholas, Jade and Paola - 2nd place 
Desiree - 1st place


Congratulations to our Phoenix Judo GOLD medalists at the 2015 Pedro's Judo Challenge.  We are proud of you, Paola and Stanley!

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Sept. 13 2014 New England Judo Championships 

Congratulations to Phoenix Judo at NESA Judoka who placed at New England Championships last weekend!

                      Andy Clarke: 2nd place

                      Connor Chaplin: 3rd place

                      Peter Clarke: 3rd place

                      Travis Chaplin: 4th place

We are proud of you!

Congratulations on the Belt Promotion on March 29. 2014

 Every promoted student did their favor throw:

Nov. 2013 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Our Phoenix Judo program at NESA has been running for months now and we are continuing to add new members and gain ground on getting our program curriculum into practice. We thank everyone in advance for their patience while we are completing this process. We had wanted to work these details out before we began in September, however we will catch up with this as we go along.

On Nov.30 2013, we had great success in bringing Alexei Budolin who is the new senior head coach of the Estonian Olympic team to our clinic.   Alexei took bronze at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and was a finalist at the 2001 World Championships in Munich; he also was a bronze medal winner in the World Championships in Osaka in 2003. Alexei was European Champion in 2001 and Estonia’s most successful judoka ever. We would like to give special thanks to Sensei Jay for bringing Alexei In for a clinic; we got rave reviews from our judoka about his training methods, including his gripping and kata garuma techniques. We would also like to thank everyone at NESA especially Marilyn for helping the process run as smoothly as it did. Check out our Friends of the Phoenix Judo Club on Facebook for more memorable moments.

In Nov. 2013, we welcomed local Social Fit group to join our program on Wednesdays. They ages 8 to 13 and are doing great. Sensei Aaron has been working with us on Wednesdays with these guys and doing a wonderful job. We look forward towards their continued training and their wonderful attitudes.

Also we would like to congratulate Gage and Keen on their great showing at competition. Keen took the second place after fighting in nine matches at the Chaves. And Gage kept his winning performance in several tournaments. We look forward to seeing this trend continue with more of our judoka as well as both Gage and Keen continuing their winning ways. Also we would like to thank everyone that helped out in any capacity at any of the tournaments or clinics. 

In the next coming months, we will be focusing on practicing and learning the program formats spelled out in everyone’s personal evaluation forms.

Program director
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